Pulpit rock

meganfoxaday was set up on 17th feb 2010 under the name fuckyeahmegfox and for the past year it has been left to go dusty and outdated so after a lot of debating I’ve decided to restart the whole blog.

all previous posts have been deleted, theme & icon have been updated and we’re starting a fresh! I’d like to thank the followers that stuck around the whole time this blog was MIA and unchanged but we’re back and we’re going to be better than ever! 

the blog will now have the following:

  • a tags page separated into years/projects/candid/appearances/films/etc.
  • everything will be edited by me! no reblogs!
  • updates daily/every couple of days (depending on how busy I get with university work)

I’m sure theres more I wanted to say on this post but my minds gone blank and I feel like I’m rambling now but anyway! Time to welcome meganfoxaday back to the world!